Brooklyn Bride

A friend of mine (who is also getting married within the year) just shared this blog with me: Brooklyn Bride. Their slogan is: “Planning a Modern Wedding in a World of Pink Flowers and Poofy Dresses.” LOVE IT.

Check out this awesome event they’re sponsoring:

Sounds worthy of a trip to the city, for all those tri-state brides-to-be out there. But even for the non-City folk, the suggestions on the Brooklyn Bride blog seem funky and unique, for whatever state you’re in. Certainly worth checking out.

Thanks, Naz!


About Ally

What started as a joke at a White Castle and a prank on a friend, ended with a box of cupcakes with an engagement ring in it. This is the story of our not-so-traditional wedding.
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2 Responses to Brooklyn Bride

  1. naz says:

    i’m going to start commenting. bc this is freakin adorable.

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