Max Wanger Photography

So Mike and I finally started a joint savings account (with the meager bits of money we have that’ll maybe give us 3 cents of interest per month, if we’re lucky).  But one of the first things we’re considering dipping into our funds for might just be engagement photos from Max Wanger.

Although I’m not a huge proponent of the engagement photo session (is it really necessary to have a cheesy posed pic of yourselves to put on the equally as cheesy save-the-date you’ll be sending out?), if done right, they can be works of art…and Max Wanger definitely seems like an artist.  He likes to play up a couple’s personality and quirks (which is good, because with a 6’4″ fiance and 5″ fiancee, you can’t really do anything but play up a quirk like that.)  Location seems to play a big part, too–many of the photos in his online portfolio are taken in the subways of the city folk couples he’s photographed, which I like.

He also really likes images of jumping.  And balloons.  For some reason, this makes his photography remind me of Wilco album covers–and I’m totally cool with that.

The only drawback–of course–is expense.  For a single engagement photo session, prices are well over $1000–plus the cost of flying Max out to wherever you are.  (He’s based out of California.)  Prices are at least three times that for the actually wedding photography, so unfortunately we’d only be considering him for the engagement photos.  But we think it’s worth it, to be turned into images from the next Anthropologie catalogue.


About Ally

What started as a joke at a White Castle and a prank on a friend, ended with a box of cupcakes with an engagement ring in it. This is the story of our not-so-traditional wedding.
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2 Responses to Max Wanger Photography

  1. z-hen says:

    Hey! I stumbled onto your site while searching for pricing for Max Wanger photos. Any idea how much a set costs?

    • My friend got a price quote a few months ago, and from what I remember, engagement photos ranged from $1000-3000, while weddings started at $5000. (This is plus the cost of travel if he needs to fly out to you–he’s from California.) Hope this helps!

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