Urban Wed: the hipster’s bridal expo

Yesterday my friend and bridal partner-in-crime Naz and I attended the Urban Wed event in NYC, hosted by the awesomely funky wedding blog, Brooklyn Bride.  I had never been to a bridal expo before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but to sum it up in brief: top-notch vendors, a gift bag full of free stuff aplenty, and complimentary champagne the whole night through.  Needless to say, Naz and I were rather happy by the end of the night.

Naz and I pose in the StudioBooth photo "booth", with calligraphy signs designed by Paperfinger

The event was held in the Hatch Creative Studio, an amazing little loft space that actually would be an amazing choice for a wedding venue; it fit that perfect dichotomy of rustic and urban that I’m looking for.  (As far as “fitting” goes, however, it was a bit on the small side; so for a wedding reception, the guest list would have to be minimal.  The cost of the rental is only $3500, though — something to consider.)  So immediately upon entering, just from the look of the place, I knew I was going to get some great ideas.

Although I was sort of expecting a huge auditorium with an overabundance of vendors to sift through, there was only one vendor per category — one photographer, one caterer, one band, etc.  At first I was surprised by this, but then I realized: Brooklyn Bride really did all the work for you by hand-picking the cream of the crop, at least in Vané Broussard’s eyes.  (She’s the brains behind Brooklyn Bride and Urban Wed.)  So if you’re a fan of the blog, rest assured that the vendors at Urban Wed would tickle your fancy as well.

Although I wasn’t in the market for some of what the vendors offered — make-up artists and a videography were there, but I’m not even considering spending my dough on them — and some of what I am in the market for was out of my price range, I did leave with a grand mental list of new ideas that I can work my DIY magic with — like the origami-style banners used by StudioBooth for their backdrop.  And of course, I also left with a tote bag full of free notecards, free accessories, a homemade loaf cake, and many a business card (not to mention a belly full of champagne); so all in all, quite the successful evening, all for only $20.

**A note on the ticket price: Naz and I bought a couples ticket for $20; a single ticket cost $25.  However, as the day of the event approached, many other blogs were offering discounted, or even free, tickets.  Even the Urban Wed site itself offered half-price tickets a few days before.  Something to keep in mind: if you don’t mind waiting and risking the event being sold out, you may get yourself in for free (or at least a cheaper price).

Here’s a smattering of some of the top vendors (all from New York) that Naz and I shmoozed with last night:

PHOTOGRAPHY: 1. Art Beauty Life (Jenny Ebert Studios)

CATERER: Cobblestone Catering

CAKE: Nine Cakes


CALLIGRAPHY: Paperfinger


CONSULTANTS: Just About Married

Check out Brooklyn Bride on Monday for a full rundown of the night’s events!


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What started as a joke at a White Castle and a prank on a friend, ended with a box of cupcakes with an engagement ring in it. This is the story of our not-so-traditional wedding.
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