The Bridal Party Party

So Mike and I were stumped at a finding a good way to ask all of the respective members of the bridal party to be respective members of the bridal party.  We weren’t planning on having an official engagement party or anything (we sort of had that already) where we could ask everyone there, and a phone call just seemed too impersonal.  So, we came up with the idea to have a Bridal Party BBQ — not an engagement party or anything, but just a little something for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to all get together, meet Mike’s and my families, and basically get to know each other (if they didn’t already).  A sort of matrimonial meet-and-greet.  And in the invites that we sent out, we put in our official request for each person to be a member of our wedding.

Even though electronic invitations are the way to go nowadays, we wanted the BBQ invites to be a bit more personalized, so Mike and I made them ourselves and customized them for each person, then sent them through good ol’ fashioned snail mail.

It took a while, since we created each one from scratch, but it was worth it.  I made the gals’ cards, and Mike made a more manly version for the groomsmen — comic-book themed, of course.

Well, we had the BBQ yesterday, and it was quite the success.  We ate tons of food, played a little L-C-R and Mike won the pot, and champagne-toasted to the fact that we’re going to be the most kick-ass bridal party ever.  Cheers to that.


About Ally

What started as a joke at a White Castle and a prank on a friend, ended with a box of cupcakes with an engagement ring in it. This is the story of our not-so-traditional wedding.
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