How It All Got Started

It started as a joke: my friends and I were going to stage a fake proposal at a White Castle on Valentine’s Day. The joke turned into a prank; the prank turned into an elaborate fake wedding; and the elaborate fake wedding fooled everyone. However, as it turned out, the joke was on me, because the end result was a real engagement ring presented to me in a box of cupcakes by my now fiance, Mike.

Confused? Check out the videos that started it all:

Part 1: After noticing a sign on the White Castle down the street from our house imploring us to “Make our reservations for Valentine’s Day,” my friends and I decide to stage a little guerilla-style sketch comedy. My friend Shaun and I, the actors of the group, would pretend to be a long-time couple, and Shaun would propose to me over sliders and fries. However, to spice up the scene, our friends Waqas and Anum would be sitting a few tables away, and strategically “interrupt” poor Shaun’s proposal. Yes, a twisted and elaborate way to spend our free time, but it was all for fun.

Part 2: However, as we were planning our fake proposal, Shaun secretly tells Mike (my boyfriend) that he should actually propose to me in the parking lot after we’ve performed our scene inside. Mike thinks this is an awful idea. However, Shaun is persistent, and apparently annoying, because he bugged Mike enough for Mike to now want to prank Shaun. The prank? Mike would now pretend to propose to me in the White Castle parking lot, but I would devastatingly turn him down. And who would get blamed for it? Shaun. Yes, we’re an evil bunch.

Part 3: The “turn-down” goes so beautifully that our friend Naz (who’s in on the prank) thinks we should take the prank one step further: so, we call up Shaun the next morning and tell him that Mike and I have worked out our problems–so much so that we decided we’re just going to get married this week! But before we get hitched at City Hall, we want to have a wedding ceremony at the house. All lies, mind you–but Shaun believes it. And so, we have a (fake) wedding at our townhouse.

Part 4: The big reveal comes during our (fake) vows; Mike tells Shaun it’s all a prank–we’re not really engaged, let alone getting married!–and the laughter ensues. However, before anyone can stop to realize the ridiculousness of the situation, the plot thickens: because now Mike presents me with a box of cupcakes from my favorite bakery (Sugar + Sunshine in Plainsboro, NJ), and inside that box is the engagement ring. The REAL engagement ring.

I think this has earned it’s title of “The Most Epic Proposal Ever.”


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